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suboffender 27-02-2012 14:01

The Arndale rooftop "challenge" - February 2012
Visited with Vicki and Leaf1471

This was a fast paced explore with security trolleys and Swans. Bit of a Derp to start with, as we ran around in circles around the car park as people looked on from their balconies, some trying to do their best wackywavinginflatablearmflailingtubeman impressions. Loads of camera's and loads of running. Good fun. Was planning on hitting a few other sites over the course of the night, but ended up spending 3 hours up here and after that, called it a day.

georgie 27-02-2012 14:45

spot on dude

Kenni 27-02-2012 15:01

Na Na Niiiiiice :thumbs

Gone 27-02-2012 18:30

Those are really clear, nice one!

Morrisey 27-02-2012 20:12

Did the "get off moir roof" alarms go off?

sneak 08-03-2012 15:34

We actually got in the once at night. Fell through a door and ended up in the food court.

Is a nice one that rooftop just got to watch your step for the cameras and pir and you can have 30 people runnin about takin photos.

Nice to see its still doable.

suboffender 08-03-2012 21:48


Originally Posted by Morrisey (Post 145908)
Did the "get off moir roof" alarms go off?

They did. They must have shares in the Arndale corporation or something.

Managed to get into the shopping centre maintenance area, but didn't fancy wandering about with so many cleaners about :blush

The Cat Crept In 09-03-2012 19:18

Great jobe, some real nice pics to. :thumbs

Pr1vate Piles 29-10-2012 22:53

love the last shot haha, great work peeps

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