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NewStuff 13-06-2011 21:19

NWEX official trip to Gwyrch Castle, Abergele.
I may not have gone, but I want to see the pictures, so I'll start it (Impatient git that I am). Chuck up your best ones.

Kenni 13-06-2011 21:22

Here Here :)

Kenni 13-06-2011 21:30

Anybody bump into this on Saturday

georgie 13-06-2011 21:37

heres a few of mine i was using an old camera so these are the best i could do

lizzibear 13-06-2011 21:39

I'll add some of mine as soon as I can, but have been having problems getting things to upload onto photobucket today.

NewStuff 13-06-2011 22:08

Cracking set of pics there georgie.

andym 13-06-2011 22:28

Cracking stuff, I think you've nailed it there georgie, not sure mine are that much different. I'll take another look tomorrow, see if i can add anything different.

lizzibear 13-06-2011 22:50

Okay, here goes with some of mine, please take into account that I only have a cheap camera AND my specs decided to fall apart early on, so most of the visit was in fuzzy focus for me!

Twitch 13-06-2011 23:49

It looks a gorgeous place - right up my street and very photogenic. Great pics, looking forward to seeing more. I'd love to see this place sometime, but I was in Cwmorthin that day! How big is it?

Earth Worm Jim 13-06-2011 23:58

Here are some of mine.
Obligatory toilet shot

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