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Millhouse 17-09-2009 23:52

ARCHIVE - Whittingham Asylum 01 & 23/08/09
This was my first ever explore, I only got my camera the night before so go easy! ;) Explored with a friend called 'Williamski'.

I'm sure you all know the history of the place so I won't bother onn this occasion. After a bit of recce around the border of the place we had found our enrty, and were soon stood on the grounds of the abandoned asylum, when all of a sudden a van pulls up outside the gates. RUN :D after a bit of hiding we made our way into the buildings, took a few pics, and had a nice relaxed explore.

On a couple of occasions we hid due to some suspect noises, and on the way out we were collared by security. Fortunately for us he was on the wrong side of the meshed up windows, so after a quick word with him we bailed! We got out then just when we thought we were safe another van comes driving down the road - into the bushes for 10 mins.

In all it was a great explore and I'll be going back many times I'm sure.


2nd visit - with Williamski and two friends. This time we got round nearly all of St. Luke's division

This wallpaper is like new

Excuse the bad quality - but I loved this corridor

The only two beds we came accross in the whole place

Thanks for looking
more here and here

williamski 19-09-2009 19:16

Sorry so late in the thread but here's some of my pics from our Whittingham explores.

Oh and the piano video

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