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Kitty 28-01-2009 21:06

ARCHIVE: Betchton Q-Station Cheshire - 2005
Seeng as there has been a bit of a decoy site disucssion ongoing or the last few days I thought I'd get my photos up.

Q site control station for RAF Cranage. (all taken in the summer of 2005 when we had nice weather. remember the sun?)

The station from the next field. The entrance is on the left with the blast wall in front The concrete bridge over the small ditch/stream is still in place under the hedge.

Approaching the station from the other side. Unforunately this is the onyl way to get to it as the original field entrances are long since gone. Now it is only accessible through a private garden, so you have to get permission. So long as you ask the owners are quite happy for you to wander around.

The steps down into the building, which is two rooms connected by a corridor. The steps lead to the middle of the corridor.

On the left is the old generator room for the many lights needed for the 'station'.

Turn back to the corridor...

Go past the entrance steps with the blast wall at the top...

And beyond that is the control room (sorry for the shit photo but only had an ickle camera)

From here, if it was needed, there is an escape hatch.

Chimneys allowed ventiltion for the bunker. Several are now toppled over through the years and left lying in situ.

And looking along the length of the fake runway. The folly on the hilltop is Mow Cop, used by the Kampfgeshwader to line up for Manchester and Liverpool. Mow Cop was also home to a primary meacon site.

Unfortunately I have managed to lose the photo of the two old boys who controlled the site itself. If I can locate it I'll put it up.

As I said the site is only accessible through a private garden, but if you spend a good 10 minutes knocking at the house they'll eventually answer and give you permission to go look. Well worth it for a good nosy around.

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