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NorthMancBeds 10-04-2009 00:23

Walney Island - Military bits - October 08
Walney Island, connected to Barrow by a bridge. South Walney is a nature reserve, with loads of WWII bits that don't seem to appear on Defence of Britain(?)

Below pictures of walk around Walney + Barrow from October last year, weird pillbox variant and gun emplacement and briezeblock dual aspect bunker thing...


Shatters 10-04-2009 00:33

Hilpsford Fort was constructed during 1914 as a WWI emergency battery, and was dismantled in the 1920's, providing a source of much-needed labour to this employment-starved area. The artillery was reinstated in 1940, with new construction work undertaken. A 14-day job by the Royal Engineers actually took 19 days, due to 'bad ground'. Six-inch hand-loaded guns were employed, upon which the gunners of the Workington 406th Coast-Battery Home-Guard volunteers (amongst others) undertook several training courses, including firing common-point shells weighing 100lbs

pic 1 Is part of the salt works

Pics 2-4 are of a Coastal Artillery Searchlight Emplacement

Pics 5-7 are of the gun holdfasts (there's 6 in total )

Cant work out which pillbox that is from the photos


Shatters 10-04-2009 00:44

A few of mine I posted on DP


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