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Coalboard 19-04-2009 23:00

ARCHIVE: Cutacre Opencast Revisited - April 2009
Called in this morning and met two keen amateur geologists, although their knowledge was certainly not amateur! Showed me the best areas to look for fossil nodules and described the processes which led to their deposition.
It was red hot and a circling buzzard gave the place an eerie feel

One of the old Wharton Hall Colliery shafts was exposed, it's brick lining had shelled off, the interesting bit was the side inset tunnel into the Brassey seam

Ochrey water was coming up the shaft out of old workings

Ventilation sheeting used to course the air round the workings, known as brattish sheeting

Terex wagon

Fossil shark egg case

Neuropteris fern

Fossil seeds with hairs visible

A carbonicola mussel preserved unusually in an upright position

Nice haul of calamites roots

Best calamites section

Shale with small carbonicola mussels within it and two separated ones

Section of mussel bed, the mussels are the brownish bits

Fluxxyyy 21-04-2009 17:41

Now that is bloody cool, nice find!

Interesting report, something a bit different - good stuff mate!

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