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Gone 08-07-2012 19:33

St Paul's Tower, Sheffield - July 2012

As far as the weather has been going recently, rooftopping doesn't really take priority. After witnessing some crazy rain, a bright spell appeared over Sheffield so we headed up to the top of this thing.

I'd been sat on this one for a while, OBO and his girlfriend first popped it a few months back. Completed in April 2011 it became Sheffield's tallest building standing at 331ft/101m stretched over 32 floors. It's sometimes known as City Lofts and/or Conran Tower and sits with a casino, various car parks and the university close by.

Topped this one with Millhouse and Persil, after the initial 'people are going to spot us/think we're about to commit' it was fairly chilled if a bit too windy.

Not posted too many as I know the other guys want to stick a few up. Peace!

Snake Oil 08-07-2012 21:03

love the fish eye looking straight down :)

Gibbo 11-07-2012 12:04


The Cat Crept In 11-07-2012 15:34

Top shots cool.

Millhouse 07-08-2012 00:43

the kwan 07-08-2012 01:14

two amazing sets of crazy pics....sod that!

suboffender 07-08-2012 01:25

Where the fuck have i been?

Missed this one. Nice one guys :), Love high stuff!

Pr1vate Piles 29-10-2012 23:51

absolutely fantastic.

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