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n10694 12-08-2010 15:00

There is a public footpath up the river bank, it starts at the security office, quite pleasant, but it just stops, there is no other end, but all the same - a good view up the river, derilect boats etc. Iit's not fenced off from the works. It goes past one of the shafts where the Alwen Pipeline goes under the River Dee in a tunnel.

There is also a good history book on the place "the summers of shotton" , by Brian Redhead (Radio 4 Today presenter, now deceased). I guess it's only available 2nd hand now, but a good read.


Gibbo 12-08-2010 16:06

Isn't this the building which looks like the Linotype one at Altrincham? I'm sure you've posted comparisons before Phil.

nickweb 12-08-2010 17:40


Originally Posted by Reddood (Post 126709)
wonder where that drain leads to

It runs from the north side of the site, right underneath the workshop and main offices, then flows into the Dee. Its more of a little culvert drain. (I dont know my drains well btw)

Reddood 12-08-2010 18:41

so no man holes half way down? shame..

n10694 12-08-2010 20:26


Originally Posted by Gibbo (Post 126723)
Isn't this the building which looks like the Linotype one at Altrincham? I'm sure you've posted comparisons before Phil.

The building was designed by James France a friend of Harry Summers. james was steeped in the Manchester Edwardian school of terracotta and shiny red brick, which explained why the finished work resembled the Midland Hotel in Manchester. Built in 1908.

It's worth a good mooch up the river bank (up side of the security hut):



A380 wing on barge:

As seen by our Euro friends:

nickweb 12-08-2010 21:20


pacef8 12-08-2010 22:47

I love that building, it just looks so good facing the river.
Also at the rail triangle you will find a half buried pill box !! that is not easy to see.

nickweb 12-08-2010 23:52

Theres a few along the sides of the Dee.

andym 13-08-2010 00:00

Interesting, good to see something new. I presume the part you explored was Corus until recently then?

nickweb 13-08-2010 00:51

yeah, still some corus posters up inside.

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