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pacef8 13-08-2010 17:35

nah , the box is on the other side near the old path underpass under the railway. (now gated) and locked. corus side

nickweb 13-08-2010 17:56

I think I know where you mean, but unless its completely buried now I've never seen it. Maybe chuck me a googlemaps link?

n10694 13-08-2010 18:34

Some other pillboxes in the area:

Hawarden Bridge Area Pillboxes

magaz 10-11-2010 20:14

I had a lovely guided tour of this place last night... An airsoft club that I'm part of has access to it. It's in amazing condition inside, stripped of a lot of the wiring though... More safes than I could count and a massive vault room like you'd expect in a bank! I'll be back there soon with my camera so expect a full report :D

sneak 10-11-2010 20:19

Just needs a few pikeys to boot a few doors off now eh

sallybear 11-11-2010 10:44

Great news, love this place. Spent 4 years travelling past it on the train. Which airsoft club are you with? My brother is in one in the area, might ask him about access.

magaz 11-11-2010 13:51

If he plays in the area I'm fair sure he'll be with the same one I'm with!
It's called SWAT airsoft, there's a video of the site on the front page or linked here


Just needs a few pikeys to boot a few doors off now eh
The site is very secure now, and there are people from the group there almost every day.

sallybear 11-11-2010 14:11

yep they're the ones, he's not done much this year as he was in his final year at uni, but no doubt he'll be back soon enough

Did you ever see much of what was left at Saighton Camp?

magaz 11-11-2010 14:25

What's your brothers name? Chances are we've shot at each other lol.
I played nearly every game they hosted at Saighton, I was in Australia when they said they were losing the site, so I flew back and played the last game there :)
There's some footage of Saighton on my youtube channel, here mainly just us running around getting grenades thrown at us, but you can still see some of the site :)

Wildswimmer Pete 21-10-2011 00:17

I spent a large part of my misguided yoof living in Parkgate and remember when Summers was a proper, working plant. The glow from the blast furnaces (four, if I remember correctly) could always be seen at night but when they blew the Bessemer converters the entire sky lit up and you could clearly see the huge shower of sparks.

Summers always claimed ownership of the salt marshes off Burton, but I suspect that was bluff as the Crown own all intertidal parts of the coast. The salt marsh behind Summers was always off limits because it was a MOD firing range but I suspect that has been well abandoned by now.

I lived in Parkgate from 1965 to 1974 (prior to that we lived in Heswall).

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