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CHEWY 31-05-2010 01:23

Rossendale General Hospital, Lancashire - May 2010

Rossendale General Hospital started life as a workhouse in 1868.
inmates of all ages mostly took part in hand weaving.

it changed into the Rossendale Hospital in the 1930s.
it was further extended with an annexe to the east.
some parts of the hospital are still live.
the hospital radio was brought to a close not too long ago.
the hospital is now just used for day patients.
a new health hub in Rawtenstall might just take over from the hospital altogether.

The Pics

dubstyle 31-05-2010 11:35

nice to see theres still alot of it left. good pics too.

CHEWY 31-05-2010 11:50

Thanks Dubs :)

from seeing the exterior, you expect a bit more inside than what there was...
just a central corridor with little rooms on either side.
felt more care home than hospital.

rigy 01-06-2010 08:46

i like this too, there is alot of work going on at hope hospital (now salford royle) at the moment, some of the oldest parts of the hospital look like they are about to be knocked down, which i feel is a disgrace, however, it might be worth a look if you havn't already, f you fancy a look one night let me know as i wouldn't mind coming along.

I ve reccied it quite a bit recently and security is very tight so it might be that its not possible from the outside, bt i know the hospital quite well and i think it may be possible from inside!

let me know if your interested?

Gibbo 04-06-2010 10:03

Nice one Chew, good to see you back in action.

Ojay 04-06-2010 10:45

Nice work, sadly was locked up tight when I paid a visit back in February!

And not to mention the security sat in their cars, I'm assuming it's a walk in now?

CHEWY 04-06-2010 15:02

Yeah, might have a look at that Rigy if down that way soon..
i'll let you know if i am :)

good to be out again Gibb's, i couldn't wait any longer :D

still far from a walk in OJ :cry
be nice to see the mortuary, but it'll be a while yet before it's doable.
they still sit in the cars and vans, with the dogs :popcorn

Ojay 04-06-2010 15:08

Yes mate, I climbed up round the back and heard a dog bark :eek:

scrappy 05-07-2010 13:04

here some from last week including the morgue

Minxy 05-07-2010 13:49

Brilliant pics i need to get my ass to this place :thumbs

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