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Antonymes 22-09-2013 23:07

The Strange Shoe Repairers Shop, North Wales- September 2013
I came across this place earlier this week.
I was checking out a few places in Llangollen that proved fruitless at the moment.
This place was impenetrable, but bore a little fruit. Would love to get inside for a proper look.

Open for business?

Pots and plants

Shoes repaired here

Withering plant. This place can't have been empty long

In need of a polish?

The obligatory Singer

Feet first

Is this true?


A box of assorted items

urban 22-09-2013 23:47

Absolute beaut by the the looks of it.

Gibbo 24-09-2013 12:31

Another gem, well found!

_Ste_ 15-01-2014 00:31

Your photography is amazing.

TRANCENTRAL 17-01-2014 11:15

great find mate

Johnehilton 04-02-2014 21:00

Got some great pictures there

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