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paulpowers 24-01-2013 02:31

They Lie, Stockport - Jan 2013
I was originally going over to Sheffield but I wasn't going near the Snake Pass in the snow.

I've been looking at this for a while and kept putting it off

The outfall used to be the easy access but UU have rebuilt it and added two large grills at the end so it was lid lifting time.

The lid is in the middle of a public foot path but it shifted really easy so once I was in I put it down behind me as best I could

There are two large chambers, one for the outfall and on for the processor that are connected by a length of RCP

On with the pics

Bit blurry as this one was taken on my phone

Time to go home

the kwan 24-01-2013 09:03

Looks nice, that washing line of shite dont look so iviting..nice one.

paulpowers 24-01-2013 10:05

UU just love putting chains up

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