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Edus1 11-04-2011 12:07

Drakelow Shadow Factory - April 2011
Well seeing as this has been reported a bit recently due to the trip i wont bore you with history as its on one of the many other threads. A quick google serach will get info =-

Lots of pics :)


buddah 11-04-2011 12:09

Stunning as always :thumbs

keeweeman 11-04-2011 13:35

superb pics, how do you get them exposed that well???

carabeener 11-04-2011 18:02

He is well practiced at exposing himself!

suboffender 11-04-2011 21:31

He even exposed himself to me :(

martymarty 11-04-2011 22:05

your the worst for exposure to other people ....bloody students. i think we should unearth the mankini pic or discount on the sten battery before edd buys it lol

Morrisey 11-04-2011 22:49

Nice one Ed, and yes you do look like Hitler.:D

suboffender 11-04-2011 23:20

Will you still have the sten Batt mate? Will have to drop you a Pm.

Edus1 12-04-2011 10:15


Originally Posted by keeweeman (Post 138236)
superb pics, how do you get them exposed that well???

As John said i have much practise at exposing my self :bust:coat


It was actually a really nice place to light paint due to the white walls reflecting the light about :)

keeweeman 12-04-2011 13:12

ahhh cool, that makes sense really, was it just reflecting the light using torches or were you using flash guns?

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