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peanuts 06-04-2013 14:28

millbrook sidings goods shed & power station etc
Recieved a letter today from tameside mbc re the former millbrook goods shed being converted into 23 apartments +185 houses.millbrook power station site being re developed into 9 more houses .
Also springbank mill site being converted into a resteraunt hotel pub & visitors centre .
The remainder of the land to be converted into a rural linea park .
Best get your visits in quick folks

Ojay 06-04-2013 20:39

Bignick has been recently has he not ?

The Urban Spaceman 10-08-2013 20:49

We went there and walked in on a porn shoot!

NewStuff 10-08-2013 21:08

Did you volunteer as an Extra, or run away in case You were nominated as the fluffer?

peanuts 11-08-2013 23:35


Originally Posted by The Urban Spaceman (Post 150183)
We went there and walked in on a porn shoot!

pics or it never happend

bignickb 02-10-2013 23:10

Porn shoot? I wish! Not been down that way for a while but have used nearby sites for model (Dressed) and band shoots!
People always missed the burnt out cottage and the demolished cooling tower. And even the only recorded pylon in the World that flanks a waterway.
I heard that one of my pics of the sheds had been used in some presentation to publicise the redevelopment but was unable to trace it.
My view on porn? Why watch someone else have all the fun? ha ha.

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