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johnfav 16-07-2014 21:08

Preston disused railway and tunnels.
"The Preston and Longridge Railway (P&LR) was a branch line in Lancashire, England. Originally designed to carry quarried stone in horse-drawn wagons, it became part of an ambitious plan to link the Lancashire coast to the heart of Yorkshire. The plan failed, and the line closed to passengers in 1930 and to goods in 1967."
These pics are from two trips. The first being on my tod and the second with my mate Scotty. Taken with dslr and two smartphones. Comments welcome. Planning a further visit from the other side...

urblex 16-07-2014 22:03

Nice one, i did part of this but my camera at the time couldn't handle it =( it was a lot less disappointing than i was expecting

Kenni 22-07-2014 20:56

The students who live along side and chuck all their rubbish down should be made to clear it up!

johnfav 22-07-2014 22:09

I know mate it's a disgrace! I took my kids with me on sunday(11&12). They loved it but I was VERY careful they didn't pick up anything....

_Ste_ 23-07-2014 21:29

great stuff, thanks

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