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Mitsuko 01-07-2008 22:30

ARCHIVE - Report: Roach Bridge Mill, Preston 06/08
Visited Roach Bridge Paper Mill with Scrappy as my second explore, which closed in 2000. It's not a huge site and is currently under development with areas marked as unsafe. Easy access with no security but faces onto a road; we had to wait for somebody on a motocycle training lesson to move on before we could enter as they were parked up at the side of the road.
Scrappy scales the ladder to find there's nothing but a toilet at the top for his viewing pleasure

The place was infested with spiders :eek:
and it looks like druggies are camping out in the office on site!!

Mitsuko 02-07-2008 21:08


Originally Posted by snowdudejohn (Post 8412)
nice report - do you know if the water level in that tunnel has dropped yet? we tried it, but it was waist deep, so we couldnt get that much further down the ladder
this tunnel? You cant see the water in this pic but yeah, It still looked pretty deep; there was a boat in it. How did you get in there??

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