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Ojay 09-01-2011 13:36

Fernhurst Mill, Oldham - January 2011.

Fernhurst Mill, Oldham.

It was over a week ago that Bungle dragged me out of the house on teh crutches and in your MillZ.

Getting in and around was a challenge in my current state, but as I hadn't really done much in the past 2 months I wasn't easily dettered.

We had a poke around the groundfloor before we went in search of the main stairwell, Top down was the plan.

"I have a bad feeling about this Ojay"


Fast forward 5 minutes and Bungle retreated from the stairwell....

"Noises, did you hear that?"

Tbh I didn't until there was an almighty bang followed by knocking & more banging, FOOK it had to be Pikey's.

We decided it wasn't worth confronting hammer wielding Pikey's especially as I couldn't getaway on crutches easily, and with the thought of all our camera gear being hauled we made an executive decision to GTFO.

Once outside we grabbed a few externals and had a drive around the perimeter. Moments later we were joined by a Police unit who stormed the mill and extracted the Pikey's, who were promptly thrown in the back of a meat waggon

A week later we decided to try our luck again, this time we were joined by The New Mendoza.

We hit the place up from the top down, all told it was over 3 hours of mooching about on the crutches, with the Bnugle entourage.

The mill itself is deceptive in a sense that it is much larger internally than it actually appears from the outside, and despite having done a fair few now, I really did enjoy this one as many of the Edwardian features still remain if you look hard enough.

Architect: A H Stott and Sons.

Built 1905, for the production of cotton, ceasing production 1964.

Fernhurst is a good example of a state of the art Edwardian Mill, using the latest technology of the time, characterized by the use of horizontal bands of yellow brick above the window, and terracotta ornamentation.

The width of a mill was determined by the size of its spinning mules, and by the time this mill was built they were at least 134 feet wide. This made them much more efficient than the 99 foot mules from the 1860's. However, the wider floors meant there was a greater need for internal light, and so for bigger windows.

The Mill had been the home of Constellation Luggage (now Japinda Group Limited).

Sadly it is set to be demolished after regeneration plans for the 9.35 acre site were submitted to Oldham Council.

I'm just glad we made it back before this happens, The Engine House was one of the best examples I have seen and prob the highlight of the place.


On the 4th floor, we found some models of Manchester in storage

To the Engine House

Base of the Chimney, Coal Chute & Flue


Thanks for looking

georgie 09-01-2011 14:47

superb that m8 well done

NorthMancBeds 09-01-2011 19:09

top stuff.

Morrisey 09-01-2011 19:30

I'm sure there is no such thing as a cheap looking engine house, nice report.

andym 09-01-2011 20:22

Ooh nice, that engine house is lush:)

Right up Bungle's street this, I noticed he said on facebook he'd been in some millz, I did wonder which one!

Jim Gillette 09-01-2011 20:27

Best bit of peelin' paint I've ever seen.

Ojay 09-01-2011 20:37

Lol, at peeling paint :D

Cheers Jim, how was Ldn?

Gone 09-01-2011 20:57

That model is great, Nice one Ojay!

scrappy 10-01-2011 05:23

i really like this!

iroyton 10-01-2011 12:25

Hi ojay,

I've just spotted your pictures of Fernhurst Mill and I think they are fantastic! I was wondering if I could use a couple of them for a news article on my website ( I would obviously put credits to you and link back to this thread if you want so readers can see the rest of your photos.

It's a great shame that old Mills like this are getting flattened across Oldham. It appears that there just isn't the demand for them anymore. I believe Fernhurst has been up for sale for several years. It's only been sold now because they are combining the plot with the land behind the Rifle Range Pub!

Thanks anyway - speak to you soon!

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