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Kenni 25-01-2014 14:30

Horwich Loco Works - December 2013
Visited with Snake Oil

Due to an article in the Bolton News with regards to the possibility of Bolton Council allowing the building of 1700 new dwellings on the Loco Works site we decided to pay it a visit.
We had chosen a nice Sunday morning over the Christmas holidays for the visit. The site has 24 hour security, which is located at the main entrance, so we opted for an alternative way in. The biggest shock we had was that at the far end of the site, there was already demolition taking place; on a Sunday, over Christmas! Rather keen!

Our main objective was to locate and photograph the old erecting sheds, which I do believe are the largest remaining disused erecting sheds in the country.

There were cameras on almost every building on the site, but as we casually went about our business, we never encountered any problems.

A nice chilled explore.

There is loads of information on the internet, but a link to the Wiki page can be found here

Anyway, on with the pictures. A few old ones off the net first, and then my point and shoots

Thanks for looking!

aconpaddy 25-01-2014 17:51

cool place cool pics

Kenni 26-01-2014 21:16

Cheers pal

Gibbo 03-02-2014 14:09


Kenni 04-02-2014 19:27

Thanks Gibbo :thumbs

Johnehilton 04-02-2014 19:41

Great pictures thanks for sharing

sneak 09-02-2014 14:07

Nice never seen this place before. Looks huge!

Kenni 09-02-2014 21:55

Yeah massive mate :thumbs

paulflynn12 26-11-2014 01:32

Good shot.. nice info :)

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