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agour 17-03-2010 18:10

ARCHIVE: Various Roofs, Liverpool, March 2010
Went out to do a few roofs last night with Leaf1471 and TheFlu24. Only managed 2, but the views were well worth it. I was going a bit pano mad, so theres a larger version available for all of them, just click the image to go to full size (highly recommended).
A few are slightly blurry in places, bloody wind!

First we hit up the LJMU building on byrom street;

Didnt really get a good picture of the outside, as didnt want to hang around too long

Up top was a greenhouse, pretty random

View to the rear looking towards the cathedrals

Spot the police

We then went onto the docks, with a nice building next to the Echo Arena. It looks like its going to be a hotel, need to go back for externals and interior shots, as its was pretty cool inside.

Security was pretty uninterested

Favourite pano of the night:

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