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georgie 14-09-2009 10:59

The Glyders Via Bristly Ridge - Sep 09
couldnt have picked a better day for this the views were amazing

the Glyderau mountain range in Snowdonia is one of the rockiest places you'll find on the British Isles. Some of the unique rock formations on this route include the aptly named Cantillever Stone and the awesome Castell y Gwynt. The walk also inculdes a very tough scramble up one of Snowdonias most exciting ridges, Bristly Ridge. An alternative route means the ridge can be avoided by those less experienced or in bad weather. Starting from the shores of Llyn Ogwen in the huge glacial valley below you walk up to Llyn Bochlwyd then head up to Bwlch Tryfan before tackling the grade 1 scramble up Brislty Ridge. Once on the top Glyder Fach with its famous rock formations then Glyder Fawr are within easy reach before descending past Twll Du or The Devil's Kitchen to the wonderful glacial valley of Cwm Idwal.
the cannon...
Bristly Ridge Gully...
Bristly Ridge Chimney....
Cantilever Stone...
Castell y Gwynt.....
Various Views...

PRMD 14-09-2009 11:13

Nice pics :) hope you didnt show them Nicki she'd be having kittens

georgie 14-09-2009 11:16


Originally Posted by PRMD (Post 88358)
Nice pics :) hope you didnt show them Nicki she'd be having kittens


she aint seen all of em yet lol...

PRMD 14-09-2009 11:18

hehe dont blame you. i think id be hiding the dangerous ones:D

Manx Centor 14-09-2009 11:18

Tryfan is one of my faves - try it in winter and it can be a bit of a beast under deep snow :). Great shots there too.

Romanian1 14-09-2009 11:28

Awesome, looks like jacobs ladder on steroids!

Gibbo 14-09-2009 12:12


Originally Posted by Romanian1 (Post 88362)
Awesome, looks like jacobs ladder on steroids!

Heh heh, precisely what I was thinking!

Romanian1 14-09-2009 12:16

One of my mates has a mint pic of me and another friend assaulting jacobs ladder, other friend is standing upright as if he's strolling down the street whilst im on all fours puffing and panting and demanding a fag stop.

sneak 14-09-2009 13:15

Wow need to get this done! Bloody hell looks a good en that for sure.

Well done mate

boboil 14-09-2009 13:34

Awesome pics of an awesome place, great stuff:thumbs

Pr1vate Piles 14-09-2009 14:30

nice pics :)

georgie 14-09-2009 14:43

cheers for comments all!!!

Kitty 14-09-2009 18:55

those are amazing pics, gives me an idea of what i am facing. :thumbs

moorsy 16-09-2009 09:58

Looks like a fun time. :)

Devilman 05-10-2009 18:49

Beautiful pics, been ages since i've been up there, my sister nearly fell off, oops.

Luggy 11-10-2009 18:47

Great set of pics realy vivid:thumbs:

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