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Ozzie 14-02-2011 21:49

Winwick Quay, Warrington - Canal Dry Dock and Lock
This is part of the Sankey trail in Warrington that follows the route of the now disappeared Sankey canal. Not much to see but worth a quick walk in the fresh air if you're passing by. Only two features here, the old dry dock that was used by the canal barges, further along is the preserved lock area.

Here's a few pics:

Thanks for looking... and... be careful out there.

georgie 16-02-2011 12:24

ditto quite interesting m8 and havent seen it before

The-Village-Idiot 16-02-2011 15:46

Looks like my kid of trip :thumbs

The Cat Crept In 17-02-2011 20:42

very impressive I like this :thumbs

buddah 17-02-2011 21:36

Yeah it is quite interesting, i like old boat stuff.

Gibbo 18-02-2011 12:11

Very nice. You should see the huge barges near Lymm before they get overgrown and inaccessible.

peanuts 18-02-2011 12:51

Good work interesting and different

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