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Denial 30-04-2009 21:59

ARCHIVE - Ammonia production plant - Northwich. April 09
Quick look around some old stuff with Lazy tonight, rain, dark, nettles, swamps. A blair witch style journey into the woods to see something I noticed on Google earth. Lots of outbuildings in the woods, mostly ruins, but some intersting things. Disastrous photowise though. Im hoping Lazy got some decent shots. Theres also a pillbox a few hundred yards away in good nick so I assume this was quite important during the war although not strictly a military site itself, so I'll stick it here. If it looks really cack, bin it :)

About 1907 brine was found on the Holford Hall Estate, near Plumley, and the
Ammonia Soda Company, who subsequently bought the land for the erection of
works, made three borings, the deepest one going down 2,509 feet from the

During WWI Ammonia Nitrate was in short experimental plant was
started at the works of the Ammonia-Soda Company at Plumley and on the
management of the place coming under the control of Brunner Mond & Co.
extensive plant was erected there, on behalf of the Ministry, to manufacture
this process on a large scale. On the basis of the experience gained at
plumley, Brunner Mond & Co. designed and erected for the Ministry a much
larger plant at the Victoria Works of the Salt Union, near Northwich

The exterior is large and in seemingly quite shaky condition

Inside is pretty empty to be honest..

Nice roof mind.

Lazy.. please have some nice shots :blush

Having seen this post, it really didnt justify the effort of getting in. hohoho, cant win 'em all.

lazy 01-05-2009 00:28

Dont hold your breath mate, took about 50 pics but these were the only ones that were even semi useable!
I know it was a quick evening explore, but the building does have a strangeness about it, just 1 door, no windows, and a couple of very innefective skylights, even when the lights would have been on I think it must have been a very oppresive place to work, especially considering its totally cut off and bang in the middle of a Blair Witch style wood.
Reckon I would have shit myself if we had lost all the light!:turd


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