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scrappy 25-09-2008 02:00

ARCHIVE - Arla Foods, Bamber Bridge - September 08
have been thinking for a while why ive never seen anything on this site as it closed a while ago now and it was a big milk bottling plant from what i can remember.
so after work went up found acces to the site, (which has on site security which is in view alot but far enough away to move about as well as cameras!) moving carefully to avoid cameras and keeping low going accross the main yard i started to see why there are no reports on this place! and as i walked around even more all i could find was well secured door after another( or boarded up!) so one to go back to in the future i think but here is the outside!

the wagon wash

and a view through a window

scrappy 09-01-2009 11:32

after deciding to go back and get inside this place i went, didn't take to long before i got in just had to watch for the security guard and cameras (which are also inside!). and as i thought its largely stripped, big open spaces mostly, but there was still some interesting stuff to see. didn't get to do all as more time would be needed! did find a calender with the last date on it as June 2004. heres some of the pics:-

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