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j3bu 21-04-2008 21:38

ARCHIVE - Sackville Street Campus, Manchester - 21/04/08
Me and Anclove were looking for a little something to do for about an hour while Beans got the train so we decided to give this a go, we ended up trying about 5 sites in the end!
Anyway starting off the photos with a shot of an old Manchester favourite ;)

dubweiser 22-04-2008 01:38

Re: Report: Sackville Street Campus, Manchester - 21/04/08
And thats why I need a camera! ^^

Awesome shots man, i really enjoyed this roof, good weather and an even better view. I apologise now for any eye's I offend, these did come from my camera phone... :(

Sorry about the dead links I posted before by the way - hopefully these work!

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