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Gibbo 04-07-2008 09:34

Archive: Midland Hotel, Manchester. 3rd July 08
The Midland Hotel in Manchester is supposedly the finest in the city. A grade II listed building, it is the hotel of choice for many celebrities, sporting stars and politicians visiting the city. It's also where Rolls Royce was formed.

However, we were more interested in what's underneath. A previous reccé had led to rumours of an underground river running along the crawlspace beneath their cellars.

Sadly the information was wrong. It was nothing more than service tunnels housing pipes for the hotel.

However, it was quite extensive and maze-like, although very repetitive. Most of the tunnels looked exactly like the photos below:

A very interesting trip, mainly for the "incident" up top afterwards!

Present: AndyJ23, Bigjobs, Lawrence, NewMendoza, Saul, & SparkUK.

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