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NorthMancBeds 02-08-2013 09:55

Rakewood Mill - November 2012
I happened upon this site by accident, a pseudo-reccy with speculative intent, if you will. Some rather splendid Der-P type content I have to say and a murky November day to light it in that rather flat way that the north-west can. Rakewood is probably better known for its motorway viaduct these days that carries the M62 high above Hollingworth Lake (I know some NWEX posse have swung from it before...) Not much web based history, that which is pertinent accompanies the images below. Peace. NMB
Rakewood village had two thriving mills, Holroyd’s and Clegg’s.
Clegg’s began in 1863 when John Clegg acquired an old cotton-waste mill...
...and converted it into a flannel-finishing unit.
A. Holroyd and Co were flannel manufacturers operating from Rakewood Mill.
In 1911 the mill had 350 looms and the company specialised in the manufacture of ‘oxfords, harvards and flannelettes’. [1]
The factory was, for some reason, exempt from the Factories Act, Section 23 – The employment of women and young persons.[2]
The entire site lies within the Rakewood Conservation area and also within the greenbelt. [3]
Ian Simpson Architects have proposed alternative schemes for its re-use.
Plans to convert Rakewood Upper Mill into a renewable energy centre with a 30m wind turbine were refused by the council in February 2012.




Reddood 02-08-2013 23:35

is this the place you can see from the viaduct while heading west?

NorthMancBeds 03-08-2013 07:20


Originally Posted by Reddood (Post 150165)
is this the place you can see from the viaduct while heading west?

No, I think not, this one is in the village and would be on your left when heading east. I've not wandered further up, but noticed on here there was another report about some coke ovens that has a photo of the one you mention. I might go have a look... Thanks for the prompt! Peace. NMB

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