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Bartje 23-10-2011 21:19

The Swedish car graveyard
Far away from the main road, hidden in the thick swedish forests you can find this hidden spott.
Several hundreds oldtimers are parked here to rust away.
Bit by bit nature is taken over.

Once a huge car cemetry for selling parts,
but now the owner is old, no one really looks after the cars anymore.

More at

And ofcourse the movie:







Snake Oil 24-10-2011 00:15

that brought a tear to my eye seeing all that rodder fodder rusting away like that :(

dubstyle 24-10-2011 19:01

looks stunning, but what a shame.

urban 24-10-2011 19:46

An old split screen going to waste there. Like the one with the tree growing out of the grill!. Like the pics, nice one.

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