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Bartje 23-11-2008 18:28

ARCHIVE: The child-murderer Villa
Finally i had the change to visit this abandoned villa.
I visited it 2 times before, but due to increased police controle and very suspicous neighbours i didnīt succeed then.

So this morning i left home early to be there just before sunrise.

The story about the villa is as follows, but i could not verify if its true.
Guess it is because another urbexer heart it from the neighbours...

The family who once lived it was very catholic and religious.
Because the man died at a young age, the woman was left behind alone in this big house.
One time she get involved with the local pastor.
She get so much involved that she became pregnant from him.
To avoid the shame of this child, she decided to drown it.
Finally it came out, and the woman was arrested and put in jail in 1960.
Since that time the villa is left abandoned.

More pics on the website.

Gr, Bart













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