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suboffender 22-10-2012 19:58

Hotel R, Manchester- October 2012
Various visits with Gone, Millhouse, NickUK, Asoom, Leaf1471, theflu24, Morse, Jon, Mark and Drhowser

This one had to be a fluke, It was my first time trying this rooftop and Millhouse's 100th attempt. We just struck lucky i guess. Over the week that followed, i visited this rooftop a further three times. It's not the highest in Manchester, but it does offer some nice views of people showering in the neighboring Premier inn. The building was completed in 1972, stands at 184ft and has 15 floors.

Reddood 22-10-2012 20:15


urban 22-10-2012 20:37

Nice one.

paulpowers 22-10-2012 22:47

That's cracking

Hotel R and the position of the pics ;) not that difficult to guess

Snake Oil 22-10-2012 23:42

hmmmm I wonder which R hotel this can be then? :D

Cracking shots, must get on a roof myself some day :thumbs

suboffender 23-10-2012 22:38

It could be one of two to be fair. Anyone who knows Manchester can work it out from the shots.

The cryptic naming isn't to keep it a secret from other urbexers, totally opposite to be honest. I'm just trying to keep it off google for a bit longer whilst more people get to enjoy the views up here :).

hidden 24-10-2012 21:54

Lovely ;)

Gibbo 28-10-2012 12:01

Love this pic!

sneak 26-11-2012 01:36

Yeahhhhhh boys.

Just wat i like to see. Your first to do this i do believe. That elusive shitty locked door..

Might notice a few more opening randomly to soon. With the locks somehow magically still in tact.

Keep it comin. Hit em high hit em low just dont get clocked off the 5-0

the kwan 26-11-2012 15:07

Love it, top stuff man!

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