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rigy 09-01-2011 14:32

Salford/Manchester Junction Canal - December 2010
I just can't help myself when it comes to the junction canal, i was wondering through town with my mate just before christmas looking for a place i ve been reading about (which turned out to be nothing), as we walked down deansgate i was telling him about what lays beneith out feet. had my gear with me minus the tripod so next min there we were.

appologies for the pictures they aint great!

We have quite a few new members on here recently so instead of assuming everyone already knows about it i ll do a little history report.

The Manchester and Salford Junction Canal is Manchester's almost forgotten waterway. It was built in 1839 to link the River Irwell and the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal to the Rochdale Canal. The canal was less than a mile long, with 4 locks and a tunnel below the Deansgate area. It was built to let boats get between the Irwell and the Rochdale Canal without having to pass through the Bridgewater Canal's Hulme link, the tolls for which were high.

The canal was never a great success as it never carried as much traffic as anticipated, partly because the Bridgewater company retaliated by reducing their own tolls. Loading wharves were constructed in the tunnel section with goods being hoisted through shafts to and from the railway warehouse later built above.

The canal was closed in 1922 and part of it has been filled in but in the second World War the tunnel was used as an air-raid shelter.

Thanks for looking :thumbs

sneak 09-01-2011 16:03

Good stuff. Takes the piss not havin ya tripod dont it but least you tried

Did you flick off ya torches in the camera room :P

rigy 09-01-2011 16:22

Was only a recce of somewhere else didn't think I d be goin down there, and oh yeah flicked the torches off haha

sneak 09-01-2011 16:26

Yeah man I used to pop in there all the time loved the place, still do.

rigy 09-01-2011 16:31

Me 2 mate we chilled down there for hours haha

Ojay 09-01-2011 16:32

It's a great place, one which I never tire of seeing :thumbs

sneak 09-01-2011 16:46

Pic 6 looks like the rozzers have just stormed the place mid exposure hahah

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