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Navigator 27-02-2011 23:08

Brinscall ROC Post
3 or 4 years old now - these are the pics of the Brinscall ROC Post which was stood down in 1991. This was a master post as there is clear evidence of the pneumatic aerial set up and earthing points on the surface. Again, excuse the fish eye lense!

All surface features were relatively intact

Hatch still intact today but step now removed

Standard torlift type hatch - Note earthing system on hatchlid and ladder (for radio equipment)

Monitoring Room

Monitoring Room towards exit and chemical toilet

The previous tenants were obviously very organised! (The electrical panel allowed battery switchover and there was also a timer for the 12v light to allow safe egress from the post)

buddah 27-02-2011 23:15

Good stuff, and it looks in reasonably good nick.

dennisdart 28-02-2011 00:12

welded up now.

scrappy 28-02-2011 05:18

i went about 4 years ago when it was still open nd it had been burnt out! good to see pics of it before they destroyed it!

andym 28-02-2011 12:20

I lived in Brinscall until 2006, wish I'd had a look!

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