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Bartje 03-12-2008 22:36

ARCHIVE: Du Parc (including Ninja)
Martino and myselve visited Du Parc stocking factory today.
Its abandoned for a long time, and vandalized a lot and even burned down last year for a big part.

A big place, but not very interested anymore.
Shot a few pics anyway....

More pics on the website.

Gr, Bart










When we almost are ready with shooting pics, suddenly a black Ninja with stick entered the room.
Strange figure we thought.... even a bit threathening, but once the Ninja was closer to us,
we noticed it was a female Ninja.
Around the 45-50 (was dificult to see) and she was the guard of the place.
Had a bit of a chit-chat, and she turned out to be ok.
She tried to keep the thieves and vandals outside, and for that she wrote on several places: Thieves are dumb and texts like that.
Offcourse that will help a lot...
But.... i don't think you want here against you....:-)

A. Martino and the Ninja

B. Ninja posing

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