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buddah 17-10-2010 12:31

An un named mine in an undisclosed location
Visited with boboil, morisey, cc, dubstyle, cossienick, edus1, coalboard, r1, and a few geologist and a few other peeps as well.

The area has been mined extensively since before historic records begin and evidence of several historic types of mine can be found in the local area, including early 'bell pits', primitive tunnels, extensive 19th century underground workings and more recent open cast mining remains.
Many old mine workings have collapsed and all others have been sealed by the coal authority.
The majority of mines in the the area will be found to have been coal mines and sometimes an accompanying clay known as fireclay was extracted for use in tile or brick kilns. However, evidence of the mining of lead or other minerals can be found.

The mines that we visited date back to the 19th century and although there was a few collapses the general condition of the place was very good with a lot of history to see. It was mined using the prop and stall method and was mined for the coal. But also fire clay was also extracted as well which lay directly under the coal. Although coal was the main reason this place was mined id imagine more fire clay was pulled out than coal as the coal seam was only around 10-12 inches thick where as the fire clay was around 2 feet deep.

This isnt a very good picture but it shows the darker coal seam on top of the lighter fire clay

On with the trip this place was well worth a visit, we all met up at the meeting point then drove on up to the car park . R1 comes over to me and says hey buddah look at the size of this :eek: oh a torch but then puts on some latex gloves and says lets find this adit :D.
The adit is uncovered and the word goes out go go go we drop down the hole and head along a long small passage where we all group up and a short history lesson is to be had. "You know these lads must of had it hard, they would of had to walked all the way up here every morning. Then spent hours and hours digging in these tiny tunnels , then they would have to go home and get bum'ed by there dad!":D:D

Most of this place is very small crawl spaces and the view you had most of the time was some ones rear.

And finaly say cheese

I really enjoyed this one cheers again morrisey for the invite :thumbs

Morrisey 17-10-2010 12:56

Very nice write up Buddah, it was a pleasure to to meet you and to show you around. And remember the saying "what happens underground, stays underground." ;)

sneak 17-10-2010 12:57

Very nice, glad you enjoyed it! :)

buddah 17-10-2010 17:15

yeah it was good to meet everyone and put names faces to names and it was a good laugh. oh obviously morrisey we don't want the out side world knowing what went on down there:rolleyes:.

yeah it was top sneak good little mooch:thumbs

boboil 17-10-2010 19:03

Well played budda, great report & well done for turning up unlike a certain person who is now top of the jibbers league (ahem Manx !!).:bust
No pics from me today I just went to play...;)

Coalboard 17-10-2010 19:30

Grand stuff owd Buddleia. I was busy showing a group of silverbacks (retired professionals) around.

Manx Centor 17-10-2010 19:51


Originally Posted by boboil (Post 129887)
Well played budda, great report & well done for turning up unlike a certain person who is now top of the jibbers league (ahem Manx !!).:bust
No pics from me today I just went to play...;)

Yeah yeah :). thought it was sunday! The wife was fummmmiiinnnngg!

dubstyle 18-10-2010 00:13

was good to get down here again and meet more like minded peeps. had a bit more time to have a play with the camera. tried to take some pics to catch the atmosphere downthere, just to be a bit different. so pionted the camera and clicked....

Edus1 18-10-2010 00:42

Many thanks to Morisey and CB for a fantastic trip :)

Here's some of my pics

Jim Gillette 18-10-2010 01:05


Originally Posted by Edus1 (Post 129899)

I want to know how this is lit!

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