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Gone 09-08-2010 15:41

Liebherr Litronic Crane / Watkin Jones Site, Chester August 2010
Big up Jimmy, Appo & Aos for climbing this, Ducking from the police as they roll past and keeping an eye on suspicious taxi drivers.

One of the Liebherr Litronic range, The crane which stands at about 90ft is helping to develop a part of the 238 million Northgate development. On this site the 8,500 sq m of office space is close to being completed.

Back in September last year myself, OneByOne & Sui climbed another of the Liebherr cranes at the site of the new Travelodge - Here

One from the Queens Park Bridge just before we headed home.

Seeing half a rabbit being flattened by 4 guys in a VW at about 50mph will give you nightmares, Gone...

Jimmy 09-08-2010 15:57

Edus1 09-08-2010 16:22

Nice work guys :)

Are the other 3 still up round there?

Gone 09-08-2010 16:33

Nope thats the last one!

54Strat 09-08-2010 21:17

Every little helps, Tesco bags ftw. :)

Gone 09-08-2010 21:20

Haha they weren't ours but had old rags and junk in em :)

Edus1 10-08-2010 13:38


Originally Posted by Gone (Post 126495)
Nope thats the last one!

Ah shame, was a good set to get all 4 when they were up lol

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