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Ojay 07-08-2010 20:08

Megatron, Sheffield - August 2010.
Megatron, Sheffield - Visited By Ojay Woodburner & Aem.

Regretably Thompski couldn't make it

FINALLY! Megatron.... After a number of aborted visits and failed meets over the last 18 months we nearly made it... On a recent visit by Woodburner it had been noted that they are working on repairing a section just beyond the point where the Porter Brook merges with the River Sheaf.

Having not been able to manage access due to the 'Works' we put our last planned visit on hold (AGAIN!). Rewind 3 weeks and another plan was hatched, with myself Thompski & Woodburner meeting up in Sheffield early one Sunday morning (8am to be precise), we couldn't believe our BAD LUCK. Work was being carried out, with around 15 blokes in and out of our access point, FFS I'm begining to wonder if I'm ever gonna get to see this place :(

After a bit more planning we arrived in Sheffield much later, my luck was finally in, nobody on-site. The only comedy here was a bunch of bag heads and a group of people waiting for the bus whilst we accidentally in culverts :D

After a short stoop up the Porter Brook we were greeted with a section of spray crete which merged with the River Sheaf, down we go to see what all the fuss is about.

Further downstream the river quickly divides into 3 sections, here a mix of brick and concrete, then stone (Very cool).

We chose teh middle tunnel, as it was much drier and easier

before we stumble upon the 'Works', sadly the lights weren't on so I had to play lighting bitch.

Work has been ongoing down here for a number of months now, and sadly the rebar is now in place ready for the final application of 'spraycrete'.

TBH this section is crumbling and giving away to the trains and vehicles thundering overhead, so much needed, despite my hate of 'crete'.

Sandbags at 10 paces....

After spending a bit of time mooching about in here, we headed out into the open briefly before continuing downstream in search of the main chamber.

Again there are 3 brick/stone tunnels, we headed once again down the middle section, with the Sheaf flowing down the left tunnel

Before eventually joining back up

Once through the other side it appeared to get much deeper, no match for the chesties tho!

Suddenly I could see light at the end of the tunnel, and ahead huge culverty goodness

This is by far the largest section of culvert I have ever experienced, the main chamber is Hooj and only to be matched by Manchester's Optimus Prime

Looking back from the other side

Ahead, I can see the light... followed by more crete and deep water (Gulp).

Finally thanks to Woodburner for his patience, although he has been here many times before he seems to have developed this strange drain0r ritual :D

Thanks for looking, Props to Woodburner & Aem for LOL's and lighting bitcheZ :thumbs

JEP27 07-08-2010 21:31

Wow that's cool

Rooster 08-08-2010 23:42

Fantastic job:thumbs

Pr1vate Piles 10-08-2010 15:17

def looks better when not as much water in the main chamber. dont recognise the ladder/rail thing running in the middle of some of the pics. is work being carried out in there?

Jim Gillette 11-08-2010 23:10


Originally Posted by Pr1vate Piles (Post 126597)
is work being carried out in there?

There's a few words between those lovely pictures that might answer your question!

Nice work Ojay et al.

droylsden_kid 11-08-2010 23:29

Is the railway track naked Ojay, or are there wheeled vehicles on it?

Pr1vate Piles 11-08-2010 23:40


Originally Posted by Jim Gillette (Post 126686)
There's a few words between those lovely pictures that might answer your question!

Nice work Ojay et al.

sorry completely misse that, no idea how

Ojay 12-08-2010 07:22

LOL, thanks guys.

There is a considerable amount of work going on down at the Porter Brook section at the Mo.

There were no vehicles on the track, I think it will be used when they pump in the spraycrete

Pr1vate Piles 12-08-2010 09:09

possible flood defenses? last big flood asisde, the heavy rain last year caused ponds forge to flood again so maybe related to that. or as you said could just be repairing cracks down there.

Gibbo 12-08-2010 09:40

I might have a mooch in this while the water levels are low. Will save me investing in waders.

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