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Gone 17-02-2014 21:09

Angel Of The North, Gateshead - February 2014

Not done a thread for a while, thought it was time to put something back in.

I've twinned her up with the Angel and I also popped my head into Kymlinge in Stockholm along with some of the arty stations, so a few from both.

Snapped on Fujifilm 400 and two from my compact digital.

It's been many years after seeing photographs of Jobs stood on the top, that I wanted to do the same thing myself.

Now in the North West, Antony Gormley's creativeness spans to crosby beach, with his sculptures drowning when the tide comes in. The North East gets this beaut!

Kymlinge is an empty station, never finished, never developed sitting on the blue like to Akalla on the Stockholm tunnelbana. The third is covered which is nice but the place is full of holes which is a good laugh in the dark.

Massive shouts to Bigjobs, Fishbrain, Bunk3r, Hils & Jess! Without you guys I would still be on the floor.

Getting off the edge of the angel was madness, it's still giving me nightmares.

Thanks for looking, G.

Kenni 18-02-2014 20:37

Nice dude. Someone must have a mighty big throw haha.

Morrisey 18-02-2014 23:36

Great work. If i'm ever in Gateshead the ropes will deffo be in the car.

Coalboard 26-02-2014 23:41

Perhaps it gave them a hand up?
Gormley copied almost exactly a 1930's Nazi statue at an airfield in Germany, some local councillors were furious when this came out.

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