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Ojay 30-07-2013 23:02

One St. Peters Square (CRANE), Manchester - June 2013.

One St. Peters Square (CRANE), Manchester


Elisabeth House occupied that site until 2012 when it was demolished to make way for the new building, it was designed by Cruickshank and Seward, the architects of much of the UMIST campus

When it was built is a bit of a mystery, all the architectural references that bother to include it say it was between 1959 and 1960 however the Manchester Council Planning Department indicated that it was in fact built in 1971

One St. Peter’s Square will provide 268,000 sq ft of BREAM ‘Excellent’, Grade ‘A’ office space in the centre of Manchester and the heart of the central business district once completed in March 2014

It's probably been 3 years since I last bothered with a crane, mainly down to sheer laziness on my part I guess!

The last crane I climbed in Manchester was the old Origin crane which has long gone, to fill the gap there hasn't been much on offer other than SC which again purely down to cba I simply didn't bother with

(looking back I kinda wish I had made an effort really)

Since then these things are getting a lot trickier to conquer, gone are the days you can just rock up and climb a ladder hassle free to the top and back for a few snaps, it's probably better that way anyhow

Since last July/October respectively (once preperation work had been completed), Manchesters' latest additions to the skyline were erected

There are two cranes on site here, the bigger one obviously being the main target for anyone that way inclined, the height (85-90m approx)

Like anything out of reach, the more you stare at, the more you want but like most stuff these days I kept looking instead of bothering to have a crack

Props to some other local lads who first hit it earlier in the year

Having since been up understand the challenges one faces with today's tower cranes

Having talked about this one for long enough now we decided to just go for it

Although we did have a quick poke about the building itself, we were there for the crane and nothing more, besides it's mainly a concrete shell and fairly shite

Time was against us, it was all or nothing

You're a good way up before you encounter any real 'problems' with a locked hatch for starters amongst others, still we hadn't come this far to concede

With a little effort we were both where we needed to be and quickly on our way to the top

The weather was perfect, the views were decent although a tad windy for pics

We didn't want to hang about either as we had a small window so a couple of snaps before heading down for a much needed gulp of water and some Zzzzz

I haven't got a clue what I'm doing with a camera outside of drains :D

..oh if anyone is interested here is an ongoing time lapse of the build

NorthMancBeds 31-07-2013 19:31


The-Village-Idiot 02-08-2013 13:03

Well done, I wish I'd have had a try with the crane that was up near me before.

Gibbo 02-08-2013 14:19

Oustanding, just goes to show there are still things to be done! Hope you'll be coming to Liverpool soon.

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