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boboil 24-01-2010 22:37

ARCHIVE: 100ft of adrenalin Jan 2010
Big up to everyone who braved the miserable weather today at Healey Dell Viaduct.
Highlight of the day was Bungle abseiling the bridge & 3 people restraining sneak from cutting the rope:D:D:D.
Its a magnificent structure & well worth visiting, no doubt we'll be going again for more rope antics pretty soon, watch this space;)
Heres a few pics & a vid of Manx's white knuckle ride

Morrisey abseiling like a bat

Yes your doing it twice Manxy

Let go ya big girl

Big jobs the bat

Should be a few peeps with more pics, get em posted

Morrisey 24-01-2010 23:21

That video is brilliant.:thumbs I was worried when we got back to the car and Manx asked "do you have a towel i can sit on"? :turd




Copy Cat

Twitch and carabeener

Twitch 25-01-2010 16:03

The drop:

Morrisey setting up:

Men discussing stuff:

Carabeener going over:



Morrisey going too fast for a camera that involves the use of half a hair pin in order to press the shutter:

Thanks all for a brilliant day! Sorry the photos are rather crap.

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