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bignickb 23-06-2014 21:20

Barracks Fabric Printers Macclesfield 06/14
I can find very little history on this place - apart from it's opening in 1924, pioneering silk screen material printing, storage for carpet tiles and some scrotes lighting it up in 2004!
I worked just off the Silk Road for six years and spent most of that time vowing to investigate the place, it is visible from the main road and it had caught my attention.
After two other possible sites proved impossible, I decided to try and scrub this one off my wish list. It's only taken seven years so it was that bit more satisfying! What I didn't realise was just how big it is, I spent two hours finding more and more little cubby holes before leaving. I saw some other reports and it's amazing just how much it has overgrown and how trashed it is!
Feel free to post some facts as I can find diddly!


Design Offices:

All the shop floors look like this, they seemed to go on forever!

Not from the river then?

Big ass boilers!

Upper level:

Control panel:

Rear end of the boilers!

These reminded me of tombstones!

Boilers 0 Nature 1:

Storage area?

More panels!

Below ground level! It took me ages to find a safe way down!

Old machine! I was greeted by a Bat in here!

Workshop and office!

One hell of a sucker!

Very big cylinder!

Below the storage area!

Pumphouse by the river!

Morrisey 28-06-2014 11:48

Wouldn't mind a poke around here myself - like those Lanky boilers and economisers. :thumbs

tarboat 01-09-2015 20:00

This was the place in 2009. Those trees haven't half got going in the boiler house.

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