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urban 16-05-2013 19:36

Bolton Mill Roof May 2013
Don't get the opportunity to do many roof tops any more so when the opportunity arises I like to take advantage.

This Mill is part of the Swan lane Mill complex. Mills one and two built in 1905 and 1906 and mill number 3 added in 1914. Now a bit worse for wear the grade 1 and 2 listed buildings are still impressive in all their red brick glory.

Giving spectacular views of bolton and beyond the roof makes a nice spot to catch the sights.

The chimney seen in the pano is now 40ft shorter due to Fred Dibnah removing the last decorative chimney top in Bolton from it. Due to the nature of the layout of the mills and chimney and it still being in use he was forced to use his 'flying buckets' to remove the 50 tons of brickwork 220ft down from the chimney into the carpark.

"The job is a bit upsetting to me because this is the last ornamental top. When I've finished there'll be nothing left in town but cylindrical piles of bricks. All this beautiful fancy work that I'm destroying is not really in too bad a state. I could put it right. I'd dearly like to mend it and make it glorious again" The late Fred Dibnah.

The flying buckets in action...

Manchester's towers in the distance.

Holcombe moor windfarm in the far distance.

They're taking advantage of Bolton's sunny weather. The impressive Swan lane 3 towering over the roof top in the background.

Gibbo 17-05-2013 08:36

That's excellent, love the solar array.

Kenni 17-05-2013 13:25

Really nice, drive past this everyday. One on my to-do list.

NorthMancBeds 16-07-2013 22:09

Lovely place to be on a day like that.

bignickb 27-07-2013 09:19

Good to see you back mate!

sneak 25-08-2013 23:42

Haha that's my work! Managed to do it the other day quickly.
For anyone interested, it may still be doable for a week or so.

It's a big place though!

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