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Gibbo 05-08-2010 17:40

North Wirral Brickworks, Moreton - Aug 10
Not a lot of history on this one. A brickworks has been at the site since early last century, and closed around 1991.

The site is now earmarked for a landfill, but parts of it are still very live - I walked around one corner and came across two of the biggest rottweilers I'd ever seen. Given the choice of run or slowly back away, I choose the latter and they "escorted" me to the gate.

So if anyone is planning on going to get the internals, be careful!

n10694 05-08-2010 19:16


there is a decoy bunker nearby as well:

TRANCENTRAL 05-08-2010 20:45

we did this few week ago the dog was in the shed lol we had to block the door up and ran like the wind lol!!!!

Gibbo 06-08-2010 08:15

Ha ha nice one! Yes, there's a few gems in the area, including another brickworks and a VOR-DME beacon.

n10694 06-08-2010 12:17

The VOR is the Wallasey VOR/DME beacon. Fequently heard on the radio as Walseye.

buddah 06-08-2010 15:42

was this place featured on industrial revelations?

sallybear 09-09-2011 20:53

TUT TUT Gibbo!!!!!

NewStuff 09-09-2011 21:24


Originally Posted by sallybear (Post 143158)

He's got to pay for the designer shades somehow!:p

NorthMancBeds 09-09-2011 21:58

Poor guy. I'm with Peter Tosh on this one.

ZM5W61Aki5 30-04-2012 03:05


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