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the kwan 20-02-2013 22:02


Originally Posted by Kenni (Post 149728)
Brilliant, long way to travel if it had turned out to be a fail! Very impressive. Did any choo choo's go across while you was on it?

Yes and the bridge rattled like mad but we only had two trains because it was after 11pm when we got there, we did have a backup plan that thankfully was not needed :)

Reddood 22-02-2013 18:09

full of win, but rarther you than me. do not like hights unless there is a hand rail or somewhere to clip in.

Morrisey 22-02-2013 23:24

Nice one Paul - that's pretty impressive.

the kwan 23-02-2013 10:06

Cheers Mr Reddood I was clipped on the way up and Stew, normally your cup of tea this kind of thing :)

sneak 21-06-2013 12:48

Absolutly sick! Love it.

Everytime I go over that bridge I feel an overwhelming desire to use the emergency stop button on the train, jump off and start climbing!

Great shots, very well done.

I'd love to give it a go!


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