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Rooster 02-08-2011 00:38

Bus Graveyard, Lancashire, August 2011
Bus Graveyard, Lancashire, August 2011

This one has been done before (Big thanks to Judderman62) this is my adaptation of the place, I have no knowledge of the makes and models of the buses so I wont even attempt to name them, this place is great it brought back loads of memories to me of riding on this type of transport when I was a youngster , anyway enough of the reminiscing here are the pics.
Thanks for looking

Snake Oil 02-08-2011 00:49

awesome, this I have to see for myself! :thumbs

The-Village-Idiot 02-08-2011 10:34

Not seen this before, looks mega :thumbs

NewStuff 02-08-2011 12:41

Something iffy about Picture 11... the Wrexham Advertiser ceased to be in 1936, and although I'm not in any way knowledgeable about buses, that looks far more like something 70's.

Nice shots however.

keeweeman 02-08-2011 13:31

i hate to say it but this place would be awesome for some hdr stuff :blush, great shots btw

wilfbiffherb 18-04-2012 16:58

wow, great photos. would love tofind this place and take some shots. google maps here i come....

JazzSP8 16-07-2012 19:42

Great pictures love the close up ones! :)

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