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buddah 13-10-2010 17:04

100 King Street
Visited last night with blino.

Im not going to go into the history its been pretty well covered in the other threads. Ive been dying to see this place in the flesh for a while after seeing the pictures of the safe with the safety deposit boxes.
Weve been keeping our eye on it for a few weeks then noticed the scaff going up and thought that was our chance gone. But watching it go up provided us with a much better chance of seeing this place. So with time running out we just headed off in to manchester for a do or die attempt. We first had a quick look from a distance every thing looked good to go, then we noticed a security guard on site. Again we thought theres no chance of getting in. But off we went creeping about dodging cleaners, bus drivers and the security guard for about 20 minutes until we found access BINGO! and WOW!! pictures dont do the the safes justice at all.

Theres not a great deal in there now thats not been touched by builders they are pretty much gutting everything.

If anyone else is thinking of hitting this place just be cautious of the security guard in the hut round the back im guessing hes there all night:bust. theres a lot of tools and equipment inside now.

Blino 13-10-2010 22:32

Yeah was a great night. It was fun snooping about in there, and the safety deposit room was well worth the effort. We found stealth rather than speed was the key!

Banking hall
Scaf anchored to the wall

Possibly my favourite explore to date!

Gone 13-10-2010 23:59

Sheeeeeeeeeeeet the safety deposit room/vault is open. We went many moons ago and it was open, It was locked a few weeks back.

You have no idea what you have started now! Haha.

Blino 14-10-2010 08:35

I reckon its gonna be hit and miss with the deposit room. Theres loads of equipment and materials lying around now, I bet there will be days when its locked, and days when its not. Wouldnt mind going back, but Id be so disappointed doing a return trip and finding the safety deposit locked down!

the copy cat 14-10-2010 18:17

Quality report mon

rigy 14-10-2010 21:43

I ve got a key for one of the boxes I borrowed it last time I was there. I ve said it before and I ll say it again I love this place!

rigy 14-10-2010 21:44

Nice pics to fellas, well in :thumbs

sneak 15-10-2010 10:28

ouch stealing from sites lol

Ojay 15-10-2010 13:53

Call the cops :rolleyes:

rigy 15-10-2010 16:33

BORROWED, i fully intend to return it ;)

sneak 15-10-2010 18:39

I raise your sony vault cctv camera. hahahahahahahaha

Ojay 15-10-2010 21:25


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