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Coalboard 25-11-2010 21:18

Shoe Mill Colliery Baxenden near Accrington
On Ebay at the moment but twenty odd quidlets. Outcrop working during possibly the 1921 or 1926 strikes :popcorn

Morrisey 25-11-2010 21:49

Ecky thump!

Edus1 26-11-2010 10:08

Ooooo check that head frame lol Bet its stronger than most modern stuff

Coalboard 26-11-2010 21:29

I was going to show you a poor blow up of seams around Baxenden, but Photobucket is playing up and keeps crashing my system

tarboat 28-11-2010 19:41


Originally Posted by Andyj23UK (Post 131696)
hmm - i aint paying 20 quid for a pic that was probally taken by tarboat or N106 :P

PS - where the fook is shoe mill colliery ????

i know victoria colliery , baxenden colliery and baxenden lead mine - but no more show up on any map / book i looked at

It would be worth even more than that if we had taken it! :p

The colliery was situated at the base of the chimney seen in this image:

Grid reference SD 76540 26625.

It does not appear on your information because it is an unofficial working by miners who were presumably on strike in possibly 1921 or 1926 as Coalboard suggests. It would have been closed down as soon as the strike was over and never appeared in official records or on maps. ;)

captainkirkus 22-01-2014 17:19

has anyone any information on the map showing the mines i live on manchester rd baxenden and there was a massive subsidence in yard of 536 can anybody help with any information

captainkirkus 22-01-2014 17:21

i forgot to mention this happened on sunday night the coal authority have taken control of the situation but wont give us any info on the workings shown on the map

Coalboard 26-01-2014 22:31

The Coal Authority may not have detailed plans of the workings. You can go to view what they have at the Mining Record Office, Bretby near Mansfield, by appointment. They have a website.
The last thing they will do is admit liability if major subsidences occur, it becomes a long drawn out legal matter then. In general they are supposed to have historical liability for pre 1947 workings but in practice they will do their best to get out of that liability. I'd call at your local solictors for the free advice they are supposed to give

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