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Fluxxyyy 13-10-2011 01:07

My trip to Kiev, Ukraine
Just thought I'd share this one with you all, I know there are a lot of people here who appreciate the sort of things you can find in Kiev. That is to say, Orthodox Churches, huge Soviet monuments and a lot of funky colours. Kiev is a beautiful city, hugely underrated, despite it's problems, I still felt safer here than I ever have in London. I can't work out whether it has made a definitive change yet - it can go from a modern, dynamic city, to one stuck in the early 90's, and even further back to the Soviet days. It largely depends where you find yourself, but it's an interesting city of change.

Yep. :p

Thanks for looking!

boboil 13-10-2011 05:14

Well done again Fluxxyyy:thumbs:thumbs:thumbs
All these reports from your trip East have been superb, hope there's more to come:popcorn

Morrisey 13-10-2011 20:21

Outrageous - only in the old USSR!

AltDayOut 14-10-2011 12:00

This is truly EPIC, great photography

carabeener 14-10-2011 12:05

excellent pics, love the colours. CRACKING picture of the eggs...

SupaStu 14-10-2011 20:24

Some stunning photos mate

Manx Centor 14-10-2011 20:40

Love Kiev :). ..also the women - stunning ;)

Fluxxyyy 15-10-2011 21:44


..also the women - stunning
Agreed, it was ridiculous.

Snake Oil 18-10-2011 18:26

fantastic photos! :thumbs

Kenni 18-10-2011 20:06

Ab Fab SHots!!!!

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