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Ojay 01-04-2010 22:13

ARCHIVE: Bolton Underground/Arches Mystery Solved - April 2010
Visited by Ojay, Solo1 & 99%.

Been trying to get back here for a while now and take a look the other side of that locked up bridge and check out the 'so called Arches and mysterious rooms'.

There has been a lot of speculation of what lies ahead of here, they certainly don't want anybody getting in, as that bridge is locked down big time....

After some fishing and a bit of free climbing access overall was a true piece of genius by Solo1 and we were all up onto the bridge in no time, YAY.

Inside isn't all that interesting TBH, 2 brick 'Arches' railway related, and another couple of rooms at the back which are now buried in the foundations of the shops. I'm sure at one point this went a lot further and quite possibly there are some goodies buried and sealed up never to be seen again beyond the concrete jungle.

On the way we did manage to find access into some of the older dis-used shops which are now used for storage, makes for some interesting piccy's :D

The bridge


Looking off the top of the bridge downstream of the River Croal

Arch No.1

Arch No.2

The End...Literally


Captain Solo1 A.K.A. Nitro Man

Thanks for looking :thumbs

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