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buddah 05-03-2011 22:09

Old smokey
Visited solo
Thanks to The village idiot for this one

This is part of a flue to a huge chimney and as chimneys go its a very nice one, and would make for an awesome abseil. The chimney is known locally as barrow bridge mill chimney, but in fact never served barrow bridge mill at all as its too far away. But instead served Smithills bleach works which was situated off smithills croft road. It was built in late 18th century and the parts that are still fairly well intact show a really nice brickwork. But the majority of the tunnel has seen better days as there are a lot of collapses.

The actual length of the flue that is accessible is probably around 40 - 50 meters. There appears to be more but with a collapse at both ends thats all that can be seen today. Although when you get to the side that is closest to the chimney where it splits you can feel and hear air rushing past. What did surprise me about this was the actual size of it, it must of been around 7 foot tall in parts.

cossienick 05-03-2011 22:19

cool nice one good pics those,
think cc has been in here as its on his doorstep.
did you come out black.
get the spade out and dig :-)

Ojay 05-03-2011 22:20

Superb :thumbs

buddah 05-03-2011 22:22

Black yeah dead right!! it looked like id bin down pit, covered in soot.

No i dont fancy digging in that , that mud was to thick and im sure i could smell gas.

Have you been down it?

The Cat Crept In 05-03-2011 22:22

Very nice well done :thumbs

cossienick 05-03-2011 22:40

no not been down but seen the chimney like

buddah 05-03-2011 22:45


Originally Posted by cossienick (Post 136727)
no not been down but seen the chimney like

Yeah its a nice chimney and a big mo fo you can see it nearly all over bolton.

Reddood 05-03-2011 22:45

that looks rank in there! see even the rats wouldnt bother with all that soot and mud

buddah 05-03-2011 22:48


Originally Posted by Reddood (Post 136729)
that looks rank in there! see even the rats wouldnt bother with all that soot and mud

Yeah no rats but there was a little path where you could see the coble floor all the way through it Which you could walk on. One thing it was full of though was them huge cave spiders hundreds of em.

Reddood 05-03-2011 22:54

yeh, i'm not going then, i hate spiders.

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