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johnfav 29-07-2012 17:08

Wycoller village
Wycoller (from the Anglo Saxon Wic-Alr, meaning dairy farm among the alder trees) is a delightful Lancashire village, approximately 4 miles east of Colne, and is slowly being brought back to life after virtual abandonment. From the 15th century the Wycoller area was a sheep farming and weaving community, but the invention of power looms eventually led to the village's decline. In the 1890s there were plans to create a reservoir by damming Wycoller Beck, but fortunately the plan never materialized. 'The Friends of Wycoller' were established in 1948 in an effort to preserve Wycoller Hall and the village. Lancashire County Council bought the land from the Water Board in 1973 and the village and surrounding countryside were designated a Country Park.

I thought i would share these shots which were taken in light rain just before it lashed it down!
I've not posted photos via a site link so fingers crossed.....

NewStuff 01-08-2012 22:04

Can you resize them please mate? Even my twin 1600x1200 monitors shat themselves with those!

johnfav 02-08-2012 10:24

oops sorry!
I uploaded them on bulk and i assumed having re-sized the first one it would do the lot....
i'll re-post

johnfav 02-08-2012 10:30


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