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boboil 16-08-2010 16:12

Slate, slate more slate & a limpet 08/10
Dinoriwc slate quarry seems to be the in place at the moment with quite a few NWEX members posting reports on this amazing place. If you get the chance to see this incredible excavation don't hesitate, It's AWESOME !!!!!

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time, we spent 6 hours scrambling & climbing up & down the level's before calling it quits & trudging back to the car vowing to return.

Highlight of the day was Manx doing his limpet impression :D see video here.

Visited with Morrisey, Copy cat, Manxy & ex NWEX member Sir spoilt brat of Bowden.

History here.

Spyder 16-08-2010 16:52

Phenomenal place, epic pics, Like 1 & 3 in particular. Truly awe inspiring!

NewStuff 16-08-2010 20:13

Nice pics... This place was already high on my list, you just reinforced it.

The video is awesome too... :p

n10694 16-08-2010 21:22

it's simply just awesome !

Manx Centor 16-08-2010 21:32

Great day out with a bunch of bastards lol ;-). The scale of this place is inspiring!

Morrisey 16-08-2010 21:34

Big thanks to Manx for the mountaineering lolz and copy cat for his arachnophobia lolz.....

sneak 17-08-2010 10:05

Amazing pics by all! Bloody need a visit there.

tarboat 17-08-2010 20:48

Dinorwic is always a stunning visit. Glad you found the caban with the coats. :)

n10694 17-08-2010 21:30

They couldn't find the hanging rail though !

Go back and look harder.

the copy cat 17-08-2010 21:50


Originally Posted by n10694 (Post 127027)
They couldn't find the hanging rail though !

Go back and look harder.

you cant cover all of that place in a day its huge!

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